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Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces!

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking (Ravello Systems has

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CCNA – Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs

Hi All – we are going thru the Todd Lammle CCNA Study Guide and just got virtual routing figured out from our internal lab. There will be more added to this post, so this is just a quick note. Here’s

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CCNA – Don’t forget “ip routing”

Just a quick note here – if you are reading the Lammle book Chapter 7 on IP Routing, you have no doubt run into his lab with the Corp, R1, R2, and R3 routers. We did and diligently followed the

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CCNA – Dynagen/Dynamips, Windows 7, Network Access

Having trouble with Dynagen on Windows 7 and getting external network access to your routers? Read on for information on how we solved the problem.

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CCNA – Dynagen / Dynamips Setup

This post is a set of my notes on Dynagen setup. Dynagen is a text-only frontend to the kewl Dynamips software emulation for Cisco router for use when studying for exams or whenever you need to emulate a router. You

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CCNA – Migrate Software Routers to Hardware Routers

Click here to download the whitepaper “Cisco – Software Router Migration” now! In this paper, the reader follows along as a set of software routers are migrated to Cisco hardware routers. Software routers, while easy to setup and maintain, suffer

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CCNA – Dynagen and Frame Relay Switch [[FRSW]]

Currently studying for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam and working thru lab after lab to learn the material. Discovered the wonderful Dynamips/Dynagen site that allows you to emulate Cisco routers. But one problem: some of the labs have

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