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CentOS Wireless: Fix when it breaks!

Hi All – if you have ditched NetworkManager (as I have) and you are still running into wireless LAN access problems…check out this script!

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proxytunnel 1.9.0 Compile Fix for Mac OS-X

Need to run proxytunnel 1.9.0 on your OS-X Mavericks Mac? Well, just try it with the latest Brew installed and it breaks. Read on to see how to fix it!

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Debugging Neutron DHCP Failures on OpenStack

Hi All. Today’s adventure touches on a common OpenStack Neutron theme: “I just created a VM. It’s running. It says it has an IP address. And I can’t ping it!!” Read on for tips on debugging Neutron DHCP Failures on

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OpenStack: Fix “Missing” External IPs in Neutron

Have you ever assigned a “floating” IP on your external network to an OpenStack VM…but not been able to ping it? Read our article for info on how we workaround the problem!

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OpenStack: Adding External Networks to Neutron with GRE

Hello All – today’s post is on Neutron using GRE Networking. The all-in-one OpenStack gives you GRE by default but only a single external subnet. Read on to learn how to add more external networks!

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CentOS Wireless Problems and Dumping NetworkManager

Hello All, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. This post will discuss how you can dump NetworkManager and still get your wireless to work on Linux (CentOS 6.5, specifically). Read on for more!

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What Makes Up Networked Storage Throughput?

While researching distributed cloud storage we came up with these interesting points on storage throughput along with some great links for additional reading. Input/Output Per Second (IOPs). This is the most-commonly quoted measurement. For Amazon’s Relation Database Service (RDS) public

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VMware dvSwitches and Port Mirroring

When debugging a network problem, the first one wants to do is to…get the packets! In the past watching network traffic in real-time required either “promiscuous” mode network cards (NICs) or using hardware-based “port mirroring” on physical switches. Read below

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CCNA – Migrate Software Routers to Hardware Routers

Click here to download the whitepaper “Cisco – Software Router Migration” now! In this paper, the reader follows along as a set of software routers are migrated to Cisco hardware routers. Software routers, while easy to setup and maintain, suffer

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NFS via Server 2008 R2 to ESXi: The Book

This article details exactly how to take an arbitrary server, install a *hardened* Windows Server 2008 R2 (W2K8R2) image on it, and then use that W2K8R2 server to deliver NFS to ESXi hosts. We had to do this recently to

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