Month: April 2013

COOP in DoD – Part #1 of 10 – Define the Landscape

Click here to download “Coop in DoD – Part 01 of 10” now! This paper, the first in a ten-part series, analyzes how a full Continuity of Operations (COOP) program can be implemented for a small, non-mission-critical Army program operating

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“IA Fusion”: Cut costs / improve quality / compete better

Click here to download “IA Fusion for a DoD Contractor” now! This is a 2011 paper presented to and addresses an ambitious topic for me to cover: “IA Fusion”. My approach explores how DoD and Federal Government contractors can

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Solve “Unidentified Network Error” for Windows Server 2008

Anytime a non-routable network connection (any IPv4 network adapter that does *not* have a default gateway specified) is configured for a Windows Server 2008 server, the operating system will mark that network connection as an “Unidentified Network”. The downside? Windows

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ESXi5 and Windows CIFS

Hello All – another chapter in the long-running story of ESXi integration in a significant project I have worked on for the 6 months: namely, the decision to upgrade ESX from 3.5 to version 5.1 was made. As all of

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Implementing an “observable” item within ObservableCollection

The C# ObservableCollection provides a great way for developers to handle automatic inserts and deletes and to implement a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) approach within C# applications; this article extends this model to the objects contained within the ObservableCollection.

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Update JRE and Firefox on Windows Servers – Improved

Click here to download “3rd-Party Updates” now! Found great link at Use a batch file and group policy to cleanly update Java but my use case was different: lots of machines are not in domain (eck), I don’t want to

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Use Case: Link Aggregation to Maximize iSCSI

The vSphere solution allows Storage vMotion and other functions that require the greatest amount of bandwidth possible, especially given the fact that we do leverage local blade storage for particular VMs. (What we lose in resiliency we gain back in

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The absurdity of IT “CE” (computing environment) certs…

I just read a depressing post by Dave Shackleford that irritated me beyond belief, as it points out the absurdity of IT “prove your value!” mentality today.

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Jumbo Frames – Use Case for ESXi5, NetApp, and Cisco/NetGear Switches

Jumbo frames are used for iSCSI (which use 8192 byte frames) to avoid IP fragmentation, thus improving network throughput by reducing the overall number of frames transmitted. Jumbo frames are by convention 9000 bytes which is ample for iSCSI traffic

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Oh, the sleaze of it all…

Just received notification from US-CERT that numerous phony sites and social media accounts are in place to receive “donations” in support of the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday. According to the alert, “the Twitter account @_BostonMarathon was created shortly after the

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