Oh, the sleaze of it all…

Just received notification from US-CERT that numerous phony sites and social media accounts are in place to receive “donations” in support of the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday. According to the alert, “the Twitter account @_BostonMarathon was created shortly after the explosions took place. The account stated it would donate $1 for each retweet and was crafted to closely resemble the legitimate Boston Marathon Twitter account (@BostonMarathon).”

My heart and sympathies go out to the victims of this terror bombing, and I certainly want to do all I can to prevent much-needed funds and support from being siphoned off by crass, sleazy, amoral criminals. Efforts like this to feed off of human misery and misfortune feature way down in the muck alongside kiddie porn and Nigerian wire fraud.

Let’s join together to isolate and beat the virtual crap out of these jerks!

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