Month: March 2013

Whitepaper 02-01: Cost-Efficient Network Security Architecture

Download “Cost-Efficient Network Security Architecture for Startups” here! In this white paper, we look at a notional (but typical) small business. This notional organization faces unique challenges as a small company competing in a difficult business environment. As an information

Whitepaper 01-04: Organizational Security Concerns: Analysis and Recommendations

Click here to download “Organizational Security Concerns” now! Computer security breakdowns in the news remind us how companies are vulnerable to many types of failures – logical, physical, and administrative. In this paper, we review a number of these news

Whitepaper 01-03: Formal Security Models and the Organization

Click here to download “Formal Security Models and Our Organization”! Our organization performs work for and stores information on behalf of customers in the federal government. Our customers demand security, reliability, and scalability both for data storage and data access.

Whitepaper 01-02: Integrated Data Management within the Organization

Download the whitepaper “Integrated Data Management within the Organization” here! Today, organizations all share a common challenge in managing and integrating data into a coherent whole. Data does little good unless it is available to support key decision makers as they

Whitepaper 01-01: Preventing Information Islands

Download the white paper “Preventing Information Islands” here! Information management provides the key for effective decision-making. Whereas data can be thought of as individual facts (such as the number of people in a small town), information is data organized to

Audit All File Partition Access Failures – without killing your clicker!

Download WindowKiller runtime files here! If you work in a secure environment, you will almost certainly find that you need to harden your operating system images. As one example, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has a set of Security

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The Myth of the IT Workmodel

I read a challenging article on techrepublic that spoke to “IT being the right field” for a person ( I found some problems with it, interested to see if others responded the same way.

WordPress, IIS, and Identity Management

Interesting day today! Stood up wordpress in the middle of the night one day last week and today felt the urge to put some more bits into the b’sphere. Was going to talk about the problems facing any system engineer

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