Month: December 2014

PowerShell: Get *All* Domain User’s Group Memberships

Hi All – Need to get all of a user’s group memberships – both domain and local? Do you need indirect memberships also? Then read on!

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Backport Websockets to Apache 2.2 (x86!)

Hello all – today’s post is on backporting Websockets to an ancient PE2650 running CentOS 6.6. Yup…i686 in all its glory. Read on for our solution!

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Websockets, CentOS 6, and Apache 2.4

Problem: Apache 2.2 does not support websockets. This precludes using it as reverse proxy for NoVNC, and also for RShiny apps. This is a problem for us because we require access to Shiny apps over our standard Apache proxy. Read

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