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The absurdity of IT “CE” (computing environment) certs…

I just read a depressing post by Dave Shackleford that irritated me beyond belief, as it points out the absurdity of IT “prove your value!” mentality today.

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Oh, the sleaze of it all…

Just received notification from US-CERT that numerous phony sites and social media accounts are in place to receive “donations” in support of the Boston Marathon bombings yesterday. According to the alert, “the Twitter account @_BostonMarathon was created shortly after the

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Who’s Against Free Speech? All of us!

Just read another article on the non-existence of free speech in a real and meaningful manner: Off-color remarks at conference result in two developers getting fired from TechRepublic. It is truly abominable that, in a nation which prides itself on protecting

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The Myth of the IT Workmodel

I read a challenging article on techrepublic that spoke to “IT being the right field” for a person ( I found some problems with it, interested to see if others responded the same way.