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WordPress and GoDaddy – Setup SMTP

Hello all – this is a very quick entry so I never again have to lookup how to integrate GoDaddy with WordPress. Here’s how to integrate GoDaddy and the CIMY Swift SMTP Plugin to work correctly. Create a real user

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Migrated to Digital Ocean!

After a solid week of being down due to a power outage, all site content is moved over to Digital Ocean. I did break down and use the $10 1GB Linode option but that’s only because I had to give

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Multiple WordPress Blogs, Gentoo Linux, and Amazon EC2

This is the third post article on Gentoo Linux and Amazon EC2. This article discusses multiple WordPress installs within a single Gentoo running instance (to keep EC2 hosting costs down).

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Google Analytics and WordPress

As part of an ongoing web project I’m working on for a friend, I have been looking at WordPress and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a view towards improving overall Google rankings for a particular web site – The

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