Migrated to Digital Ocean!

After a solid week of being down due to a power outage, all site content is moved over to Digital Ocean. I did break down and use the $10 1GB Linode option but that’s only because I had to give up on nginx to replace apache as the Web server.

So many detail…here are just a few:

  • Moving from Windows to Linux. WP moved fine but the backup SQL script had to be modified; look for entries beginning within your drive letter like “E:/” and update accordingly.
  • Migrate certificate from IIS to Apache. This turned out to be easy; I had actually made a good, easy-to-locate backup of the .pfx file I used to request softwareab.net from GoDaddy. Then I located SSL Converter to do the translation. I was able to open the converted file and get the private key and certificate out no problem.
  • Got my Perl-based site working. If you go to softwareAB.net then you’ll see a really old (circa 2006) site. It’s all written in Perl – a custom web framework I wrote myself. It required lots of work inside CPAN to get modules updated, and installing a few more items to my hosting CentOS (openssl-devel, gcc, and a few others). Way too much time required to get that code working and serving the few pages it does! Time to rewrite it!

It’s very late, another 4am night, so time to get off the computer. But I am so happy to have the blog moved off my cheapie home-brew boxes and onto DO. And so happy knowing that moving back is just a DNS zone file update away!

Happy Computing!

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