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Docker Registry API Calls

Reference: API Examples against a local, private registry: List registry contents: curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/_catalog Example: [abruce@c05 ~]$ curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/_catalog {“repositories”:[“sab/aws-cli”,”sab/aws-helpers”,”sab/kubectl”,”sab/openshift-gnucobol”]} List tags for registered images: curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/[image]/tags/list Example: [abruce@c05 ~]$ curl

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Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces!

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking (Ravello Systems has

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Docker, Mac/OSX, xhyve: Modify Container’s HostConfig

Hello Friends – Today I wanted to do some reorganization to my docker containers on my development box where I use Docker, Mac/OSX, xhyve for development. It was really very simple – I wanted to move my containers under a

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