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Unquarantine Mac Apps

On every Mac I manage – including my personal Mac I’m using right now – I use to manage my installed apps. But – there’s one thing I truly despise – and that is running brew as my logged-in,

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CoreOS Cluster on OpenStack Pike

Run a simple CoreOS cluster natively in OpenStack. Plus, learn a tremendous amount about the OpenStack CLI tools as opposed to Heat: References – Latest official documentation – Primary resource – Magnum-specific settings (so this page can

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Docker Registry API Calls

Reference: API Examples against a local, private registry: List registry contents: curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/_catalog Example: [abruce@c05 ~]$ curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/_catalog {“repositories”:[“sab/aws-cli”,”sab/aws-helpers”,”sab/kubectl”,”sab/openshift-gnucobol”]} List tags for registered images: curl –insecure -X GET https://dockerregistry.sab.local:5000/v2/[image]/tags/list Example: [abruce@c05 ~]$ curl

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An E-Z MiniShift Environment

We just created a new GitHub project to run MiniShift – the easy-to-use and easy-to-configure OpenShift environment you can run locally. Read on to see why we made this project and how it can help you. Where is the Code??

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Kubernetes Dashboard, Authentication, Isolation

Hello All. Today we are going to look at Kubernetes Dashboard, Authentication, and Isolation. The Code Let’s put the code up front; that way, if you don’t want to bother with the article you can start by poking around on

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Kubernetes for Mac

Run Kubernetes Natively on Mac Here’s the native Docker for Mac (xhyve) solution we contribute heavily to. # Pull down the Code: git clone # Link the Kubernetes shell script to your path. You’ll want the in your

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Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces!

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking (Ravello Systems has

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OpenSSL 1.1 and VS2015 and QuarksPwDump – Oh My…

Goal Today’s desire: Build Quarks PwDump as part of my CEH studying. Note to self: PwDump doesn’t build OOTB on VS2015 CE because the OpenSSL library it ships with fails to link. Today’s feat and the reason for this article:

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Docker, Mac/OSX, xhyve: Modify Container’s HostConfig

Hello Friends – Today I wanted to do some reorganization to my docker containers on my development box where I use Docker, Mac/OSX, xhyve for development. It was really very simple – I wanted to move my containers under a

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Mac OSX Standalone App: Fixup Broken App Permissions

Hi All – been a while. I just downloaded an update for the awesome Hermes App and ran into the same problem I ran into before – it’s a Mac OSX standalone app (directory) you can execute as a local

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