HBSS Notes Part 2 of 2 – Configuring the ePO Server

Download “HBSS Notes 2 of 2 – Configure ePO Server” from here!

Have you been tasked to deploy and configure the DoD Information Systems Agency (DISA) Host-Based Security System (HBSS)? If so, you know that this is a high-visibility effort with lots of opportunity to break your network and deny availability to your users. Plus, the HBSS package is complex and the deployment lengthy – not the best way to start your day if this is your assignment! This article is designed for you – if you have already gone through the HBSS Notes Part 1 of 2 – Installing the DISA Image then you are in the right spot. Read on below for information on configuring the HBSS package after you complete the initial (and relatively simple) deployment.

Read through the attached PDF that describes – in some detail – how the HBSS package was configured within an actual enclave. We hope you find it useful!

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  1. Is there a book I can pick up to help my understand HBSS better. Maybe a dummy book for HBSS. I feel the more I read about this the more I feel like I am lost….

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