CCNA – Migrate Software Routers to Hardware Routers

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In this paper, the reader follows along as a set of software routers are migrated to Cisco hardware routers. Software routers, while easy to setup and maintain, suffer from a number of performance and security issues:

  1. Non-purpose-built solution results in additional CPU processing and lower overall bandwidth
  2. Security patches are not specifically tailed to routing infrastructure needs
  3. Monitoring and management functions are – at best – substandard compared to dedicated hardware solution

This paper begins by outlining the current state within a small – but quite real and used – lab. The lab moreover is hardened to military standards and provides services to a number of consumers, but was initially constructed entirely with software routers. As dedicated hardware become available, this state of affairs required a change; namely, migrate the software routers to their dedicated hardware equivalent. Follow along to see how this was performed within a minimal impact on the lab’s overall availability (not to mention confidentiality and integrity!).

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