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Docker and Linux Networking: Custom Interfaces!

Hi All. Today my goal was to build on a previous post I wrote on Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs. The problem? I am running on AWS EC2 so nested virtualization options are lacking (Ravello Systems has

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OpenStack Tenants and Nagios Integration Script

Hi All! A detailed article to integrate OpenStack tenants with Nagios! While my promised articles on implementing High Availability within OpenStack (which I’ve done now for Icehouse and Kilo) are still just in my brain, here’s something else to keep

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CentOS Wireless: Fix when it breaks!

Hi All – if you have ditched NetworkManager (as I have) and you are still running into wireless LAN access problems…check out this script!

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Setup OpenLDAP on CentOS 6.x

Hi All – I had to setup another LDAP server today and it was just barely painful enough to warrant a writeup ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more for my walkthrough!

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Backup a Dell 2824 Switch from Command Line

Hi All – ever need to backup your Dell 2824 Managed Switch? If so…you know that the only way to do this is by the Web UI. Which isn’t very helpful if you want to keep your switch configuration backed

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Backport Websockets to Apache 2.2 (x86!)

Hello all – today’s post is on backporting Websockets to an ancient PE2650 running CentOS 6.6. Yup…i686 in all its glory. Read on for our solution!

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Websockets, CentOS 6, and Apache 2.4

Problem: Apache 2.2 does not support websockets. This precludes using it as reverse proxy for NoVNC, and also for RShiny apps. This is a problem for us because we require access to Shiny apps over our standard Apache proxy. Read

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CentOS Wireless Problems and Dumping NetworkManager

Hello All, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. This post will discuss how you can dump NetworkManager and still get your wireless to work on Linux (CentOS 6.5, specifically). Read on for more!

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CentOS/RHEL and wrong Network Interface

This is a quick entry on a particularly irritating CentOS peculiarity – after you clone a virtual machine, your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 no longer gets invoked. This is because CentOS can arbitrarily assign the physical network card to a different logic interface

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