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CCNA – Default Routing, RIP v2, and VMware Workstation NICs

Hi All – we are going thru the Todd Lammle CCNA Study Guide and just got virtual routing figured out from our internal lab. There will be more added to this post, so this is just a quick note. Here’s

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Auto-Harden ESXi 5.x Hosts

To run an ESXi 5.x host in a secure network requires the system to be compliant to all Information Assurance (IA) requirements. This article describes in detail how an automated hardening process was created to meet Defense Information Systems Agency

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VMware dvSwitches and Port Mirroring

When debugging a network problem, the first one wants to do is to…get the packets! In the past watching network traffic in real-time required either “promiscuous” mode network cards (NICs) or using hardware-based “port mirroring” on physical switches. Read below

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VMware Update Manager: Fix for “Scanning virtual appliance”

Today had to solve a problem with my vSphere’s Update Manager (affectionately known as the “vUM”). The vUM’s job is to download patches from the VMware site and figure out which hosts / appliances / VMs need to be updated.

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vCloud Director: Delete LDAP user / group prevents adding again…

Hi All…as part of vCloud Director proof-of-concept I discovered this troubling problem: It is impossible to switch LDAP from Simple to Kerberos and allow existing vCloud Director admin users / groups to login. See below for the gory details:

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Updated: The Horror of Bogus “Pass4Sure” Testkits…

As part of last-ditch effort to cram my brain with all things vSphere-related prior to my VCP5 exam, I ran into an online test available at Pass4Test.com. Wow – what a disaster!

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VMware SSO Upgrade Bug – VM_SSORenameDir 1603 solved!

Hello all – just solved a difficult problem where my vSphere SSO upgrade failed with mysterious error 1603.

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ESXi5 and Windows CIFS

Hello All – another chapter in the long-running story of ESXi integration in a significant project I have worked on for the 6 months: namely, the decision to upgrade ESX from 3.5 to version 5.1 was made. As all of

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Use Case: Link Aggregation to Maximize iSCSI

The vSphere solution allows Storage vMotion and other functions that require the greatest amount of bandwidth possible, especially given the fact that we do leverage local blade storage for particular VMs. (What we lose in resiliency we gain back in

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