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OpenStack: Find Orphaned Images in Glance

Hello All – today’s post is on identifying and removing Glance images that are truly not used anywhere, such as when deleting a project (tenant) without first deleting private images within that project. Check out our script!

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What Makes Up Networked Storage Throughput?

While researching distributed cloud storage we came up with these interesting points on storage throughput along with some great links for additional reading. Input/Output Per Second (IOPs). This is the most-commonly quoted measurement. For Amazon’s Relation Database Service (RDS) public

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Maximize NetApp FAS2240 Disk Space

Sometimes raw disk space trumps all else – especially in the smaller environment where disks are at a premium and consumers are actively waiting. This article describes how to use the NetApp FAS2240 to maximize disk space while still providing

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NFS via Server 2008 R2 to ESXi: The Book

This article details exactly how to take an arbitrary server, install a *hardened* Windows Server 2008 R2 (W2K8R2) image on it, and then use that W2K8R2 server to deliver NFS to ESXi hosts. We had to do this recently to

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