Whitepaper 03-02: IT Policies and Procedures for DoD

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Effective and relevant organizational policies, practices, standards and procedures (P2SP) provide the direction and guidance necessary for vendors to work successfully with the Department of Defense (DoD). Successful implementation of P2SP creates a productive work environment in which stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as how their individual efforts help to support larger goals and objectives. By using a standards-based set of responses to the common pressures and situations these stakeholders face, P2SP translates into overall organizational savings: improved productivity, measurable performance benchmarks, and effective overall information security.

Three key elements make an organization’s P2SP successful:

  • Existence as formal documents;
  • Communication to all stakeholders; and,
  • Internalization by recipients.

This white paper uses real-world situations to analyze how P2SP helps to support the organization’s Information Security Program (ISP), and how social psychology can be used to help team members internalize their training.

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