Whitepaper 03-03: Three Risk Management Methodologies

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Companies thrive based on the results of their business decisions: from headliners (invest in cloud computing or upgrade servers?); to managerial (add resources to an executing project?); to operational (is it time to replace disk drives within our servers?). Correct and secure information assets provide the foundation for all of these decisions, and senior management must be able to demonstrate their fiduciary responsibility in protectingthese assets. This white paper analyzes three Risk Management (RM) methodologies:

  • Identify and classify information assets and their vulnerabilities;
  • Prioritize threats to those assets; and,
  • Apply cost-effective controls to reduce risks to those assets to acceptable levels.

By providing a firm information foundation upon which decision-makers at every level in the company can depend, Risk Management helps to ensure that each business decision is made using the best data possible.

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