Whitepaper 03-01: Awareness and Ethics in the Operations Environment

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Working in the Department of Defense (DoD) demands providing excellent results, utilizing strong security measures, delivered in a cost-effective way. The DoD has high standards for industry and the great majority of industry vendors take pride in exceeding requirements, especially when it comes to security awareness and ethics. As a defense contractor, DoD principles, regulations, and best practices guide our security policy. In this white paper, we analyze how DoD’s practice and approach to security awareness training and ethical decision-making helps to make the entire defense community safer.

Such an approach to security awareness and ethics doesn’t just assist the DoD in achieving its mission, by any means. By using a high standard of training, the DoD helps to ensure that this level of commitment is reflected throughout the Federal Government. The Executive branch has recognized the need for standardized training programs and standards by empowering the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to create guiding documents, and these documents both influence and have been influenced by DoD training initiatives. This type of self-improving feedback loop adds to the overall level of ethical decision-making within Government, ultimately leading to a better governing and working environment for all Americans.

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