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OpenStack: Find Orphaned Images in Glance

Hello All – today’s post is on identifying and removing Glance images that are truly not used anywhere, such as when deleting a project (tenant) without first deleting private images within that project. Check out our script!

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OpenStack: Adding External Networks to Neutron with GRE

Hello All – today’s post is on Neutron using GRE Networking. The all-in-one OpenStack gives you GRE by default but only a single external subnet. Read on to learn how to add more external networks!

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OpenStack: VM Migration on OpenStack

Hello All! Today’s post is on some work I did for exporting VMs between OpenStacks. Here are two scripts for doing the export and import; one for migrating between hypervisors (same OpenStack) and one for migrating between OpenStack implementations. They

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OpenStack: Network Creation Script

Hi All! The past few months have been very busy, and lots of work on OpenStack. I have quite a bit to share, but for today let’s look at how I automated OpenStack network creation.

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OpenStack – Setup on Digital Ocean

This article discusses our quick OpenStack setup in support of our first CompatibleOne cloud broker setup. Read on to see what we did to run a simple VM within OpenStack.

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